Modern Wheat is the “Perfect Chronic Poison”

My cousin shared this article yesterfday with me, it completly sums up the wheat empidemic.  I have been informing people about the effects of wheat for 3 years now, it is great to see more research to prove the affects on the body.  Please read the whole article.  All of those symptoms you are feeling could be related to a gluten or wheat sensitivity (gliadin protein).  Everyday I learn about another case of someone cutting out gluten/wheat/gliadin to decrease sumptoms of different disorders and diseases.  My brother recently cut out gluten to see if his acid reflux and “allergies” would subside, and sure enough they cleared right up!  He noticed relief within a few days!

Here is another video by the author of the book “Wheat Belly”:


Either Pay now for your health or pay later for your sickness


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