November Challenge: 30 Day Healthy Lifestyle Challenge

30 Day Healthy Lifestyle Challenge

Anyone and everyone can participate in this one, as it’s going to be purely through social media. This is your opportunity to make a commitment to yourself and start/continue your healthy lifestyle through the holiday season.  In this challenge, you are encouraged to share with us how you are eating healthy and exercising everyday. How do you do that?

You will earn points every time you “post” a picture of your healthy choices on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  You will need to tag KINESIS KONNECTION in each of your posts AND give us a THUMBS up in the picture in order to get credit for the post.

– Challenge starts November 1st- November 30th

 1 POINT: For every “HEALTHY” MEAL  you have, take a picture of that meal and post it.

*We believe in healthy lifestyles, which is balancing your insulin levels throughout the day, eating                                  clean, unprocessed foods.

 – 2 POINTS:  If you post and tag us in a picture of your weekly MEAL PLANNING AND PREPPING,

– 1 POINT: For every WORKOUT picture you take. What is a workout?? 30 minutes of activity that raises your                       heart rate- includes strength training, fitness classes, jogging, sports games, hiking, yoga, etc.

– NO CHEATING! Give us a “thumbs up” in every picture so we know that you’re not just taking pictures off of                     the internet. Plus, cheating won’t get you the results you want!

– Include your name, if it’s not obvious, so we know who you are.

 PRIZE: The participant who earns the most amount of points in 30 days wins TWO FREE WEEKS of unlimited Kinesis Classes! 

Good luck and live healthy!!


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