Kinesis Konnection Member of the Month- March


Eren Hernandez- March 2014

Eren is such a hard worker here at Kinesis Konnection!! She very rarely misses a day of class and if she does, the next day usually means 2 classes in a row or even the 90 minute Weekend Warrior. We can see such an incredible improvement in Eren’s strength, all due to her drive and passion! Keep up the awesome work, Eren!! We’re proud of you!!!

When did you start at KK and how did you hear about it?

I started back in July. I heard about Kinesis from Wendy Treon

What is your favorite thing about KK?

The classes, the trainers. The classes are so fun and go by so quick.

Have you noticed mental and physical changes in yourself since you’ve started kinesis classes?

Oh yeah!! I feel stronger and cuter and have a tight toosh!!

Have your friends or family noticed any changes in you?

Yeah! They think I’m cuter, too!!

What advice do you have for newbies?

To definitely try it! The classes are fun and a great workout! Prepare yourself and grab a towel.

How would you explain KK to someone who asks you about it?

It’s a fun, intense, but good workout!

Anything else?

I think member of the month should have their own parking spot   eren


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